Youth football is a development program for children 12 – 17 years old.

The focus of this program is to ensure children are active, learn how to play soccer, interact with other children and learn discipline and respect.

Children will learn the basics skills of soccer including kicking a ball, passing, dribbling and stopping. As well as this, children will learn intermediate soccer skills including the basic rules of the game, positional play, goal keeping and team work. Advanced soccer skills will be taught in relation to technical play but will be limited by the ability of the greater team.

In addition to the physical and soccer skills, we endeavour to ensure the children learn other skills such as respect, dignity, determination and discipline.

Learning at this stage is achieved through play, sit-down discussions, games and hard work.

The program is conducted 3 times a week: 1 – 1.5 hour training on a Tuesday and Thursday night and a match against another club – usually on a Saturday or Sunday.

Registration covers the cost for the above but players are welcome to register for training only (no matches) – we simply request to be advised of this desire to ensure we do not count your child into the equation when determining competition team numbers.

– Players will be playing for points and may potentially play in a finals series. However, the club focus is on team spirit and play – not results! Yes we all like to see our teams go well but we do not tolerate discrimination or exclusion.

– People all learn at different rates. They are not all going to finish the season on-par with Ronaldo or Messi!