As a soccer club – we provide a fun friendly environment to get out and play football.

We pride ourselves in fostering your footballing prowess while still enabling the option of spending time with friends and family. There is a team here waiting for you.

If you are unsure of what to do next: Give us a call or come down and see us on a Tuesday or Thursday night! We will be here ready to discuss our facilities and options with you.

Options we offer are:

  • Miniroos Kick-off

Targeted to the younger generation that are either too young to play in competition, are just starting out or do not have the time or desire to play in competition.

  • Miniroos Club

Targeted to the rest of the younger generation that are moving up a level and are ready to take on the Football Brisbane competition scene.

  • Youth

Targeted to the growing youth. Whether you are starting out or been playing your whole life, we will have a team ready to take the competition on with you.

  • Adult

Targeted to the rest of you that are moving up in the years but don’t want to give the sport away just yet. Whether you are a soccer mum, a taxi-driving-dad, a free spirit or anything else, you are more than welcome to kick off or continue your soccer career with us. We love seeing new faces and the coaches will find a way to challenge you.

You are never to old to get started so come and say hi.


Feel free to view our Club Handbook.